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Photographs: Public meeting -  20th September 2003


Photographs: Bushfield Down Area



1. Mark Oaten MP letter to residents supporting the Bushfield Rights of Way campaign

2. Mark Oaten MP letter to Hampshire County Council ROW Officer supporting the campaign

3.Mark Oaten MP letter to Church Commissioners

4. Mark Oaten MP letter to John Leonard of Bushfield ROW group


5. Winchester NewsExtra - "Big Battle for Access" (18-09-2003)

6. Southern Daily Echo - "NO GO WOE! : Campaigners battle to save no-go area"
Front Page (22-09-2003)
Inside Page  (22-09-2--3)

7. Hampshire Chronicle - "Ramblers rally to defend their right to roam" (26-09-2003)

8. Winchester NewsExtra - "Appeal to MP over Bushfield Camp" (29-09-2003)
First part of article (29-09-2003)
Second part of article (29-09-2003)

9. Mid Hampshire Observer - "Fight for your right to roam" (01-10-1003)

10. Hampshire Chronicle - "Campaigners' fears just 'jungle drums - farmer" (07-11-2003)

11. "Residents fight for downland access"

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